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April Alumni Spotlight - Josh Merithew (2015/2017)

1) Tell us about your recruiting experience and offer any advice to players also pursuing collegiate baseball.

The first thing I did for recruiting was email all the coaches that I was interested in playing for. I sent them my academics and sports info along with a video of me throwing a bullpen and a few game, and then I also gave them my PBR report. The thing about college coaches is they don't initiate the conversation usually, so I made sure to let them know that I would follow up with a phone call a few days later. That's the main thing, make sure that you communicate with the coaches! Give them a call and introduce yourself, talk about what you want to do at their college and try to arrange a time to visit and show them your abilities. DON'T rely on them to respond. I had one college coach who didn't answer my phone calls, one who had me "try out" and then never answer my phone calls after that, and then one who, to my surprise, called back. Just make sure you have plenty of options!

2) Describe your experience playing IMPACT and how it has had an effect on you as a player and/or a person.

IMPACT baseball was no doubt my best season in both physical performance and enjoyability. The coaches told me early in the season what my purpose on the team was (starting pitcher and backup middle infielder) and they kept their word. I remember Coach Jason pulling me to the side and saying something along the lines of "If you get into college baseball, it will be because of your pitching." And sure enough, I'm going to college as a pitcher! That's one of the effects that IMPACT has had one me as a player. I've also become a more respectful ballplayer and person thanks to IMPACT. Another thing IMPACT has taught me is how to pay more attention to the game. I go after a  lot of foul balls for other teams and it's gotten to the point where the coaches won't allow me to do it anymore. All in all, IMPACT has taught me how to respect the game and respect others.

3) Describe your aspirations for your freshman year both academically and athletically.

I want to be successful. I want to balance both academics and athletics. I want to pass my classes and then be successful on the mound. I want to get stronger as a pitcher and gain a few miles an hour each season. I also want to enjoy college and have plenty of fun and memorable moments.