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July Alumni Spotlight - Luke Rushik (2018)

1) Tell us about your recruiting experience and offer any advice to players also pursuing collegiate baseball.

I played in a bunch of college showcases, and visited several colleges attending their recruitment camps, which eventually lead me to Greenville University. Using online recruiting sites, helped a lot to find colleges and be noticed by coaches.  For me, knowing what I wanted to study in school helped to filter out the colleges I wasn’t interested in attending.  Something I learned in this process, is that there are a lot of really good players and it is easy to get discouraged, and feel like you don’t measure up; but instead, I used that as a motivator to work harder and harder to be the best I can be.

2) Describe your experience playing IMPACT and how it has had an effect on you as a player and/or a person.

IMPACT has made me a much stronger player mostly because of how the team values every players hustle, attitude, and toughness, or HAT. I chose IMPACT because everyone on the team is friendly, the coaching staff is great, and everyone plays real hard because they all love the sport, which makes for a great team.

3) Describe your aspirations for your freshman year both academically and athletically.

I am going to Greenville University where I will be pitching for the Greenville Panthers. I am majoring in Audio Engineering and plan to work with churches to produce awesome worship music and/or work with bands to create Christian music by mixing live or in a production studio.