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May Alumni Spotlight - Cam Knight (2015-2019)

1) What was the recruiting process like for you?  What did you do that you found to be beneficial in getting yourself the opportunity to play beyond high school?  Do you have any recommendations for current and future players at IMPACT?

The recruiting process for me became very stressful and tested my commitment  to play at the next level.  My preparation continued everyday with workouts at ARC where coaches Cheyenne Verdoorn and Nate Wilson were important in pushing me mentally and physically.  As for why It was stressful, I am not the strongest and or biggest pitcher in the metro.  I sure did grind to be a quality pitcher however.  I focused on being myself and learning how to pitch which allowed me to be as successful as other  players my age.  I put in countless hours either with my dad or on my own working on my craft.  It is a road I am proud to have gone down as I am now a stronger Christian and person because of it.  All  of which I have found beneficial through my recruiting process. 


In the fall 2018 I was given the opportunity to play in front of many different colleges and one specifically, Park University. As fate would have it, I had one of my best outings. Without my knowledge until later did I find out that pitching coach for Park U , coach Culbertson, had been calling strikes behind the mound.  Based on my performance that day he offered a scholarship. Chance, luck, or what I believe the power of God making that happen.  I must say, the work I put in during the summer and offseason had paid off and it just fell into place. 


2) Why did you choose to play for IMPACT?  How his your experience with IMPACT shaped you as a baseball player and as a person?


Like other sports, baseball has many varieties of coaches and players who seek different goals and or reasons in why they play the game.  My glove has stitched on it “I play for the Lord” and has been my belief as long as I remember.  Meeting coach Jason Haniger and IMPACT Athletes was a blessing for me.  My parents and I had looked for a long time for an organization with their philosophy.  They were the perfect fit for what I had always believed.  I have been able to grow my faith these past summers with my Impact brothers.  I have become a stronger Christian through Impact not only as a player but a person for I know baseball is only temporary.  Impact has shaped me as a follower of Christ. 


3) What are your educational and athletic plans/goals for your collegiate career at the school you will be attending?


With having the love of working with people and or helping a team succeed,  I have decided to study Business/Management while I am at Park University.  My goal is to use this blessed opportunity to make an impact on my fellow teammates and coaches and carry the same values of which I have learned through IMPACT Athletes.  God does have a plan and I am ready to pursue every bit of it. 


I want to thank coach Jason Haniger and everyone in IMPACT for the great opportunity I’ve had playing for such an amazing club these past 4 years and the way they have truly impacted my life. These are the times I will remember forever.  I am extremely excited and thankful for the chance to play at Park University this fall.  I know God will watch over me as I continue my career and impact players through how I play this great game.