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June Alumni Spotlight - Hudson Leach (2017-2018)

1) What was the recruiting process like for you?  What did you do that you found to be beneficial in getting yourself the opportunity to play beyond high school?  Do you have any recommendations for current and future players at IMPACT?

The recruiting process for me started in the fall going into my junior year.  I went to a few showcases and camps during the summer and was invited back out for some visits. I then received a few offers during the fall and was very excited to see where they would take me. I then visited a few more schools during the winter. I had it narrowed down to Creighton and Columbia going into my high school season. I then decided on Creighton because of the combination of high-level baseball, academics, and the fact that I have been a Creighton fan my whole life. 

For me, getting recruited was all about making connections with coaches. Every coach I have had coach me or recruit me knows other coaches at many levels. One advantage of playing for IMPACT is having a group of coaches that understand the recruiting process and know what college coaches want in a player. When I was being recruited, Coach Haniger received calls from coaches that wanted to know about me as a player and a person. Having a coach that can be active in the recruiting process is very helpful. 

But before I got connected with coaches, I went to as many events as I could. Even when there weren’t any big-name schools there. The more coaches see you, the more the word gets out. It also gives you more and more options. That all goes back to being well connected with coaches. 

One thing I found out very early is that college coaches don’t want to talk to your parents, they want to talk to you, the player. Having long conversations on the phone seemed uncomfortable at first, but after a few I got used to it.

My recommendation to future and current IMPACT players is to make a list of where you want to go to school and reach out and attend an event at their school. Ask to talk on the phone with coaches and give them contact information of your own coaches. 

2) Why did you choose to play for IMPACT?  How has your experience with IMPACT shaped you as a baseball player and as a person?

I chose to play for IMPACT because of the coaching staff. After seeing the team play in a game that I came to, I knew that they were different from any other coaches I had seen. I loved the energy of the team and how they sprinted everywhere and how fundamental the team was. I liked the idea of playing for a Christian team. I wanted to be around like-minded guys and I definitely was. 

Playing for IMPACT has made me a better baseball player, teammate, and person. The instruction every single game and practice made me a better player. The mindset of HAT is something that is applicable to baseball and life. Having bible studies during tournaments was a nice break from baseball to remind us of why we were playing. It was good to get to talk with other players and coaches about life topics.

3) What are your educational and athletic plans/goals for your collegiate career at the school you will be attending?

I plan on majoring in either Financial Technology, Economics, or Computer Science at Creighton, hopefully minoring in Entrepreneurship. 

I hope to make an impact as a freshman at Creighton. I want to do my part on the team and help any way I can. Whether that be on the mound or at the plate.