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IMPACT Athletes Baseball - Coaches' Mid Year Feedback by Families

One thing we value as a coaching staff is continuous improvement and transparency.  Each summer, we ask for feedback so that we can improve for our players and families.  Below are the results of the survey we sent out to 43 of our families.

  1. Did you receive effective feedback from me? Did I help you identify areas of growth and also recognize your strengths?

    • ​95.7% answered "Yes"

  2. Did I attempt to give you drills, strategies, and other opportunities to improve in the identified areas?

    • ​92.8% answered "Yes"

  3. Do you feel that the amount of opportunity you received for playing time was fair given your performance in practices and games?

    • ​95.7% answered "Yes"

  4. Do you feel that I handled player and team discipline appropriately given the expectations we set at the beginning of the season? (HAT, running poles, etc.)

    • ​100% answered "Always" or "Frequently"

  5. Do you feel that I made an attempt to build a relationship and get to know you outside of baseball?

    • ​89% answered "Yes"

  6. Was I on-time and prepared for practices and games?

    • ​84% answered "Always" and 16% answered "Frequently"

  7. Do you feel that our practices were well thought out and that you benefited from them as a player?

    • ​87% answered "Always" and 13% answered "Frequently"

  8. Did I model as your coach what it looks like to be an IMPACT Athlete?

    • ​91% answered "Always"

  9. The following were listed as strengths for our coaching staff:

    • ​​Energy, enthusiasm, positivity, blutness, knowledge, organization, communication, integrity, leadership, managing playing time, modeling Christian values, listening skills, flexibility, approachable, honest, encouraging, development, supportive, accountability, relatonship-building, etc.